F like Fail

As much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, it happens. Being oh so amazed by all this bleaching, I wanted to recreate Dries Van Noten last spring’s dip dyed denim. Luckily I decided to dip dye just the sleeves of a denim shirt. I say ‘luckily’ because as you may guess, my attempt wasn’t successful. This was my inspiration:

Photos via Il Etait Une Fois

So, this is what I got:

Not, bad, right? Yes, this is what I thought too. Until I took a closer look:

I’m not too good at coping with failing, really. So, you can imagine my face after I understood what I just did. ‘Okay. Don’t lose yourself. This is just a piece of cloth, a denim shirt. Breathe in. Breathe out. Think.’ Given what I had, I think the final result is not that bad.

But I might as well make some more changes to it in future :) I’ll let you know, if I do.

What I can say, is that don’t try to bleach a cloth that is too thin or great chances are that you will get the same result as I did.


Project G

This is something I’ve been up to for quite a while now. I’m learning how to make a handbag. I’ve done some before (see here, here and here), but this time it’s different. This time I’m not  trying to figure out the right ways, this time there’s Kadri, who tells me the right ways. This is actually a great chance to tell ‘thank you for bearing me’ :)

I really enjoy working with leather and I honestly can’t wait to do it more. The only obstacle on my way is not having proper sewing machine (for leather) yet, but I’m looking for it. If you find one, give me a hint and make me happy :)


To be honest, miss shoeholic has some shoes she hasn’t shown you (try to read this sentence many times as fast as you can – ha, not that easy, right? :))

Anyways, these are from Topshop, model called Reflect. Some time ago I wasn’t that into block heels, but now in some cases they work for me. With that particular shoe, rough unpolished leather  and metal heel made it work. To be honest once again, they’re not world’s most comfortable shoes due to the strap not being adjustable (the shoes kind of move on their own while you walk). But luckily I already found a way (with the help of shoemaker) how to make the strap fit.

As you see, I haven’t stopped dyeing yet. These were actually grey jeans that I bought for bleaching, but as I wasn’t happy with the result, I decided to bleach them all over and then I dyed them like the red jeans here.

Different bleaching

Yup, still bleaching. Bear with me just a little bit more. I really couldn’t resist to try out this idea when I stumbled upon it over the internet. Technique itself is easy peasy. So if there’s someone out there who wasn’t brave enough to try out tie-dye (because the result is kind of like chocolate box), this one is for you.

First, like always, wet the jeans (or whatever you’re dyeing). I had some perfect light pink jeans that I kind of was getting tired of. Then crinkle it like shown on picture. And make sure you use something to protect floor.

Then pour bleach over higher parts of the jeans to shape uneven patches (let it flow a bit). Soon you will see something like this:

I suggest you do reverse side after bleach has had some time to take effect. At this point you are able to see if you actually need to add it or maybe it has worked on both sides. I added just a little bit as most of bleach came through to back side. When light parts are light enough, rinse the jeans and let them dry. Here are mine:

What do you think – will you be trying this out? Which technique do you prefer?


Guess what? This time I didn’t just dye, I also made some sewing. I don’t know how about you, but I was getting a bit worried that this dyeing thing would get out of hand at one point. So now I’m glad I did something else too. And I really like the result, this a bit hippie-meets-navajo feel.

The fabric is actually the same I made this dress from. I hade some strange-sized piece left of it and for a long time I didn’t know what to do with it. Plain white t-shirt would have been boring, but together with my mate Mr Fabric Color we came to much more interesting result I think. The beads were actually also originally bought for this dress, but I decided to go for the bigger ones for the dress.

Long and Grey

Between dyeing and bleaching I made this dress. Okay, not exactly like that. I actually made it a month ago. At the moment I’m still bleaching and dyeing (but thank god, there are some new ideas going round and round in my head).

Anyway, I wanted this dress to be minimalistic and therefore left it with rough edges. I also wanted to wear it in Barcelona, but it was unexpectedly cold there, so the dress was just a travel companion and is still waiting for it’s first outing.

Blue Monday

I just couldn’t resist dyeing another piece of clothing. This dyeing stuff makes you ridiculously happy – you almost do nothing and everything happens. You just have to wait and see what comes out :)

Okay, I really need to stop it. It might even happen, but only after I find a perfect pair of white jeans (and dye them blue).