I’m blue

Since WordPress shows views by country, I’ve noticed that there’s actually quite a lot of you viewing my blog from outside Estonia. I know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are non-Estonians, but as Estonians shouldn’t have a problem with reading in English (expect my mum :)), I’ve decided to give blogging in English a try. So, let’s roll.

You’ve seen me experimenting with different dyeing techniques, but of course I can’t stop just yet. When I’m obsessed, I’m OBSESSED. After this beyond successful jeans project (at least in my head), my hands were itching for more (I know this probably isn’t a phrase in English, but I believe you get my point). Anyway, I digged out two white shirts, some turquoise fabric color, some rubber bands and a basin.

First you need to wet the items you’re about to color. Squeeze them just enough that they are damp but not wet and tie the rubber bands around them just as your imagination tells you. Then follow instructions on color package to create dye and put the items in. Wait as long as the instruction tells you (I usually wait a bit more, because the color always gets a bit lighter after rinsing, but use your own gut instinct here). After that rinse them thoroughly (I use washing machine programme for that), let your items dry and  you’re ready.

Oh, and don’t forget to use rubber gloves if you don’t want to end up with your hands looking dead (this was the case for me with turquoise dye).

This is the color I used (you can find it in Vunder and Kaubamaja):

For the t-shirt I wanted to create stripes, so this is how I tied it:

And this is how it came out:

I cut off the edges of sleeves and bottom for more rough feel:

This shirt was tied like the jeans here (no special pattern, just tie everything into a knot):

I really can’t see this urge to dye everything stopping. I hope I’ll come to senses before I dye all my clothes (and have nothing to wear in winter).


7 thoughts on “I’m blue

  1. Hei, ma lihtsalt pean ütlema , et sul on üks äraütlemata armas blogi. Mis aga selle nii toredaks teeb on see , et see absoluutselt ei sarnane teiste eesti blogidega , mis on ülitore :) .

    Vahepeal ma kaotasin su blogi ära ja olin paanikas veits niiet olen ülimalt õnnelik , et selle leitsin jälle ja keep it going ! :)
    + ma olen ise ka üks batika värvide huge fan , niisiis on see postitus kui “rusikas silmaauku/ nurka :D ” .

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