Different bleaching

Yup, still bleaching. Bear with me just a little bit more. I really couldn’t resist to try out this idea when I stumbled upon it over the internet. Technique itself is easy peasy. So if there’s someone out there who wasn’t brave enough to try out tie-dye (because the result is kind of like chocolate box), this one is for you.

First, like always, wet the jeans (or whatever you’re dyeing). I had some perfect light pink jeans that I kind of was getting tired of. Then crinkle it like shown on picture. And make sure you use something to protect floor.

Then pour bleach over higher parts of the jeans to shape uneven patches (let it flow a bit). Soon you will see something like this:

I suggest you do reverse side after bleach has had some time to take effect. At this point you are able to see if you actually need to add it or maybe it has worked on both sides. I added just a little bit as most of bleach came through to back side. When light parts are light enough, rinse the jeans and let them dry. Here are mine:

What do you think – will you be trying this out? Which technique do you prefer?


7 thoughts on “Different bleaching

  1. Oi, ma arvan tead mis, et mulle meeldib erinevate värvidega erinevad tehnikad. Et heledamed nii ja kärtsumad sidumistehnikas. Väga asjalik kommentaar tuli nüüd :)

  2. Mulle meeldib vist see rohkem, kus on selged laigud :)
    Aga küsimus – kas sul ei muutu kangas peale valgendamist lörtsimaks? Mul nimelt läksid teksad pehmemaks ja vähemalt 1 number suuremaks :( Ja õunaplekid tegid valge taas halliks mis pesus ära ei läinud…

    • Natuke annab kangas järgi küll, aga pole nii hullusti olnud, et enam kanda ei saa. Vajadusel olen teksad ka pisut kitsamaks õmmelnud.

      Õuna peab siis põllega sööma :))

  3. oh, i absolutely love this! they turned out great! i’ll definitely have to try this technique out ;)
    xo TJ

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