To be honest, miss shoeholic has some shoes she hasn’t shown you (try to read this sentence many times as fast as you can – ha, not that easy, right? :))

Anyways, these are from Topshop, model called Reflect. Some time ago I wasn’t that into block heels, but now in some cases they work for me. With that particular shoe, rough unpolished leather  and metal heel made it work. To be honest once again, they’re not world’s most comfortable shoes due to the strap not being adjustable (the shoes kind of move on their own while you walk). But luckily I already found a way (with the help of shoemaker) how to make the strap fit.

As you see, I haven’t stopped dyeing yet. These were actually grey jeans that I bought for bleaching, but as I wasn’t happy with the result, I decided to bleach them all over and then I dyed them like the red jeans here.


8 thoughts on “Reflect

    • Mina ostan Kaubamajast, järsku on Tartu omas ka? Ja kui üldse ei paista olevat, siis saab Vunderi e-kauplusest tellida ka, lihtsalt väike postikulu tuleb tasuda.

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