Project G

This is something I’ve been up to for quite a while now. I’m learning how to make a handbag. I’ve done some before (see here, here and here), but this time it’s different. This time I’m not  trying to figure out the right ways, this time there’s Kadri, who tells me the right ways. This is actually a great chance to tell ‘thank you for bearing me’ :)

I really enjoy working with leather and I honestly can’t wait to do it more. The only obstacle on my way is not having proper sewing machine (for leather) yet, but I’m looking for it. If you find one, give me a hint and make me happy :)


13 thoughts on “Project G

  1. Aaaah I love your blog like crazy! You are so damn creative! I’ve wanted a pair of tie dye jeans for a while now, but I haven’t found the perfect bleached pair yet. Until now! I’m trying it too I guess! And This bag is going to be amazing for sure! Following :)

  2. Wow. Not saying it quite often but this made my heart beat faster – I am really curious of what comes out of this DIY, the details are GORGEOUS! How do you get to work so clean and sharp while not owning a leather sewing machine?! :)

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