Remember the dip dye denim shirt project that ended up as one big fail? Well, as I predicted, this wasn’t the end. As I didn’t have much to lose, I decided to give one idea a go. And my shirt got some dots on it:

I used the same method as here. I crinckled the shirt and  poured bleach over higher parts of the shirt to shape uneven patches, dots or whatever you like to call them. I really like the result, because those dots add some needed edge (or call it quirkiness). Do you like it?

I did the same to those shorts I got for around ten euros from Blanco. I think they missed something in their original state and I’m again really pleased with the result:

Do you like them as much as I do or is it just me? :)


Le new dress

Since I first spoke about peplums, I was determined to create one myself. But soon after peplums were everywhere, peplums at waist became boring. I wanted to try something slightly different and so I made this dress with a low peplum skirt. To add a bit more character, I made it a bit longer at the rear. I know it’s no novelty, but I think it worked in this case.

As you might notice, wind was cheeky that night, so I got a lot of pictures of myself laughing at the situation. The other option would have been me standing in my underwear.

Dress and bracelets by me / Watch: Lorus

The wedding outfit

Dress and shoes: Zara / Earrings: Helen Valk

Man how I chased down this dress. I think I popped into Zara daily and the security guy thought I was trying to steal something. But now it’s mine and I think it was worth the effort. In the last post I told that I went to buy the owl earrings to this dress, but I ended up wearing the ones in these pictures, they just felt more right. What do you think?

Two owls, two cats and some flowers

I love earrings. No, I love jewellery. No. Actually I just love everything you can hang on yourself. But that’s probably obvious by now. Anyways, I’ve had my eye on Helen Valk’s jewellery for quite a while now. And today I decided to make my first purchase. I’m attending a wedding tomorrow and wanted something to go with my dress. These owls were looking at me asking to take them home. How do you say no to these cute eyes, right?

What you probably also now by now is that I have a slight problem deciding between items, so I didn’t come home with just one pair of earrings. I loved the Pradaish feel of those:

You know, I’m a true believer that when you buy 2-3 items instead of 1, the joy is more than 2-3 times bigger. So I also took those cats with me.

First two pairs are from Helen Valk and you can find them here. The last pair is from Arnika Salujärv ja you can find those here.


Yes, I know, drooling over handbags isn’t the world’s most intelligent activity. But then again, this blog was never about it. It’s more about things that bring joy, so here you go, my colorful collection of Cambridge Satchels. I really couldn’t resist taking a photo of all them together. The pink one is the one you haven’t seen yet. Sometime during cold and dark (and too long) winter I needed a ray of light to remind me that there’s still spring and summer.

If you are interested in getting one yourself, probably the easiest way is to get one in Asos (or some other online shop that delivers quickly and without shipping fee). The pink crackled one is actually limited edition to Asos, but I got it from Ebay for half the value. If you don’t care about your initials being on handbag (this they can do at CSC only), Ebay is the best place to grab yourself a bargain (make sure the seller has good feedback). But if you’d like your bag to be personalised, Cambridge Satchel Company is the only way (be ready to wait a month or two).