Two owls, two cats and some flowers

I love earrings. No, I love jewellery. No. Actually I just love everything you can hang on yourself. But that’s probably obvious by now. Anyways, I’ve had my eye on Helen Valk’s jewellery for quite a while now. And today I decided to make my first purchase. I’m attending a wedding tomorrow and wanted something to go with my dress. These owls were looking at me asking to take them home. How do you say no to these cute eyes, right?

What you probably also now by now is that I have a slight problem deciding between items, so I didn’t come home with just one pair of earrings. I loved the Pradaish feel of those:

You know, I’m a true believer that when you buy 2-3 items instead of 1, the joy is more than 2-3 times bigger. So I also took those cats with me.

First two pairs are from Helen Valk and you can find them here. The last pair is from Arnika Salujärv ja you can find those here.


5 thoughts on “Two owls, two cats and some flowers

  1. Ma ostsin endale ühed imeilusad lillade kotkastega Helen Valki kõrvarõngad. Nende ainus miinus on see, et need on nii rasked. Kui pidu väga pikaks venib, siis tuleb need vahepeal käekotti puhkama panna :)

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