Remember the dip dye denim shirt project that ended up as one big fail? Well, as I predicted, this wasn’t the end. As I didn’t have much to lose, I decided to give one idea a go. And my shirt got some dots on it:

I used the same method as here. I crinckled the shirt and  poured bleach over higher parts of the shirt to shape uneven patches, dots or whatever you like to call them. I really like the result, because those dots add some needed edge (or call it quirkiness). Do you like it?

I did the same to those shorts I got for around ten euros from Blanco. I think they missed something in their original state and I’m again really pleased with the result:

Do you like them as much as I do or is it just me? :)


3 thoughts on “Dalmatians

  1. No shortsid on nii ägedad, et ajaks need kohe omale jalga kui saaks ;) ja pluuse puhul on see viimistlus ikka väga top :) Keep on going, su instinktid on väga õiged!

  2. cool stuff, ma sattusin ka vahepeal batikast sõltuvusse :) otsisin kõik valged igavad või igavese plekiga särgid üles ja tuunisin ära. nüüdseks olen maha rahunenud, kuigi mõtlen juba, et peaks midagi sellist mõne seeliku või püksipaariga ka proovima. nt nagu sinu need lühikesed püksid, väga hea eeskuju!

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