Let me do the walking

I thought I’ve shown you too much of my things on a hanger and therefore decided to make another outfit post. Here’s the shirt I dyed back in May. I still love it very much and I’d like to wear it more often. The only problem with dyed items is that you have to be very careful washing them. Otherwise they might turn to a very light shade of what they were. I was after color fixator for quite a while. Somehow it seemed that it was a very IT-product as I couldn’t find it anywhere. Anyway, now I have it and I can use my dyed  clothes as much as I like (but still, if you’ve made some too, handwash them inside out in handwarm water).

By the way, there are still people who’ve just signed up for Instagram. Yep, me among them. You can find me as m00ni (these are zeros).


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