New stuff

For most of the times I’m not much of a beauty junkie. For example, I’m too lazy to use multiple products for make-up removal and I just wash it all of with a bar of soap. It’s easy and it works (as long as you don’t forget to moisturise afterwards). Probably that’s the area that drives me the most as lotions, moisturisers and stuff like this is what I enjoy buying and using. The other important thing next to product’s main job, is that it has to smell good. So these two bottles are my latest find. Everybody who likes Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea products, will like those as well. It might be psychological (doesn’t “Provance” evoke good emotions in you?), but they seem a bit more interesting to me (or I might as well be tired of Elizabeth Arden’s everybody’s fave product). Anyways, they’re worth a try if you are interested.


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