So this is me

Jep, selline ma olengi siis, kui ma olen mina ise. Ma mõtlen riideid, eksole. Nii väga kui mulle ka ei meeldiks kuvand endast kui “kontsainimesest”, siis ma ei ole seda (aaaga ma ei ole kaotanud lootust selleks kunagi saada). Võite ette kujutada, kuidas ma kahe käega ülespoole vehin ja “jee” hüüan, kuna hetkel on tennised-tossud igatpidi moes ja mu ümber ei ole siis nii palju meenutusi teistest, ilusamatest jalanõudest. Äkki siis, kui dressitoivondus moest on läinud, saab minust “kontsainimene”? Hah, ei, keda ma ikka petan.

Selgitada, mis juhtus, kui ma nägin Asoses tumepunaseid New Balance’i tosse, oleks ilmselge liialdus, eksole. Teine asi, mida näidata tahtsin, on see River Islandi mantel. Ma olen üritanud sõprust klassikaliste trench-mantlitega, aga ei, ei ole meie vahel seda klikki. See mantel, see aga on täpselt see “krants”, trenchi ja Buratino jaki ristsugutis, mida ma vajasin.

So this is me, me being myself (I mean the clothes part). As much as I’d like to see myself as a heel-person, the cruel and unwanted truth is that I’m not (but hey, I have not given up on becoming one in the future). You can only imagine how I’m cheering this sporty trend going on everywhere. It’s a lot easier wearing casual footwear when you don’t have all the good-looking heels staring at you everywhere. Maybe, when this sporty-trend is over, I’ll become a heel-person? Probably not. Who am I kidding?

Anyway, probably I don’t need to explain what happened when I stumbled on those burgundy New Balance sneakers in Asos. The other thing I wanted to share with you is this River Island trench coat. I’ve been trying to befriend with classic trench coat, but nah, no can do. That’s just not me. So, this classic-trench-meets-Buratino-coat is kind of this perfect hybrid that I needed.


Hot Stud

Okei, kahe ühesuguse nahktagi omamine pole tõesti kuigi mõistlik. Seepärast ma otsustasin üht neetidega natukene vuntsida. Ebayst needid tellitud, maniküürkäärid kätte (mul ei ole naasklit, pean ostma või jõuluvanalt paluma) ja tööle. Ega seal midagi keerulist ei ole ja tulemus jääb üsna uhke. Ainuke asi, et esialgu on (psühholoogiliselt) pisut raske korraliku nahktagi sisse vabatahtlikult auke teha. Ehk et enne, kui asja kallale asute, mõelge üheksa korda üle ja alles siis torgake auk sisse, sest tagasiteed ei ole.

Still speaking of rationality, it’s not rational at all to have two identical leather jackets (even I know that color difference doesn’t count). So I decided to pimp one of them. After ordering studs from Ebay, I was ready. What I loved about this DIY is that the work you put in is rather minimal, but the outcome is really effective. The only obstacle (if I can even call it that way) was that at first it was psychologically quite difficult for me to push holes into a leather jacket that has no fault. So make sure that you are absolutely firm about your plan as there’s no way back.


Don’t you just love when one season starts becoming to another and you will get all anxious when planning what to wear in new season. My stomach actually flips sometimes. It was burgundy, navy and jewel green last fall that messed around in my head and this year I might say it’s happening even stronger. Man, I’m such a fashion victim (saying so, I actually don’t think I am as I’d like to think I’m quite rational). Anyway, I’m in era of needing anything burgundy (wine, oxblood, maroon or whatever you’d like to call it).

Speaking of rationality, I thought I’d need a new pair of converse, something in darker tone (they’re actually very good for fall as they don’t get wet that easily). When I saw there are maroon ones, I knew I had to have them. When I stumbled on leather ones at ebay shop, my decision was made. So I fought like a mad woman determined to win the auction and they were mine. Great success!

Speaking of irrationality, I also had to have this Mango leather jacket (that I already have in beige). As I couldn’t find it in stores, I needed to pull all the strings I have and ta-daa, straight from Spain (where Mango is actually around 25% cheaper, Zara too). Ahem, this might be the right place where to thank all the people who I have convinced in bringing me stuff from different places around the world – Thank You!

The Bag

So I’m finally done. My first handbag, done properly as it has to be. It took time, but I enjoyed all of it and it was indeed worth it. Of course there are faults, there are things I wish I could’ve done better, but hey this is the first one and I’ll learn something every time I make one. I’m really pleased with the end result. And I’m especially pleased that I can (and I want to use) it. So here you go, I’ll let pictures do the talking.

Aitäh, Kadri!